Management policies


DKC employees form the main structure for establishment
of RADAR (Result – Approach – Deploy – Assess – Refine)
Management System.
DKC’s essence of management is toward achievement
of total quality management system, which invariably
requires obtaining and maintaining client’s satisfaction
in terms of product quality management and/or project
quality execution and encompasses ensuring the stake
of the shareholders, employee’s welfare, selection of
quality conscious driven suppliers including maintaining
awareness for environment and society as the whole.
Daniel Kia has been awarded the INQA (Iran National
Quality Award) Certificate for its commitment to excellence
and has made the company gear up for currently
pursuing INQA for Recognize to Excellency Certificate.
INQA Certificates have been formulated based on EFQM
(European Foundation for Quality Management) and in
order to achieve the above mentioned policy based on the
RADAR System,
 We must understand precisely what our customer need.
 We must set clear and achievable objectives and provide
meaningful feedback on performance
 We must continually improve the quality of everything we
do for our customers.
 We must direct the activity of all personnel toward quality
improvement as each staff have a valued contribution
to make to as individuals but in addition believe that this
contribution can be most effective within team working