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Daniel Kia Corporate Group

we are a corporation of four companies creating a phenomenal environment to interact within different aspects of business and thanks to our dedicated teams back in the years we had the privilege of servicing the industrial society and so far we were successful to step through our slogan which is " Innovation and New technology Exchange".

Our Mission
The most successful private company in Iran in terms of providing services in telecommunication and information technology fields in 2017 with the aim of creating values for all stakeholders.

Our values
Customer Orientation, diligence, Health and environmental safety, Individual and group creativity, Continuous quality improvement, Commitment and responsibility, improvement and promotion based on merit
Our Vision
Improving telecommunication and information technology to support development towards Modern society utilized with highly skilled human capital and innovative technology.

  • Ministry of ICTlogoseng

    ˜ TIC (Telecommunication Infrastructure Co.)

    ˜ TCI (Telecommunication Company of Iran)

    ˜ Provincial Telecom Co.

    ˜ MCCI

    Ministry of Petroleum

    ˜ NIGC (National Iranian Gas Co.)

    ˜ NIOC (National Iranian Oil Co.)

    ˜ NISOC (National Iranian South Oil Co.)

    ˜ NIOOC (National Iranian Offshore Oil Co.)

    ˜ IOPTC (Iranian Oil Pipelines & Telecommunication Co.)

    IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting)

    Iranian Railway Co.

    Ministry of Power

    ˜ Iran Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution

    ˜ Iran Grid Management Company (IGMC)

    Private Companies



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